Tuesday, April 15, 2008

second wife

We've been watching a lot of Big Love lately, and it kinda got me thinking.. How would it be to be married to Bill Henrickson? Of course, he's handsome and successful, but what of all the other wives?
Being first wife wouldn't be bad... or would it? She has the authority over the other wives, but wouldn't she always have the thought in her mind that if she really was a good wife, he wouldn't have to go out and get another one.. or two..
Oh and second wife? No way. Bad news. She's stuck in the middle all the time. She used to be new but since third wife came along, she's been put aside... It's like being the middle child. She's totally neglected and she knows it. No wonder Nikki is always pulling stunts to get attention.
But third wife... she's got it made. Just like the youngest child, she's spoiled rotten and always the favorite. That's where I'd want to be.
If I had to chose who my sister wives were going to be I'd pick Tina Fey and Portia di Rossi. Tina because she's cute and nice and smart and super funny. She'd be like your best friend AND your sister wife. She's totally shopping buddy material. And with someone that nice sharing your house, you wouldn't mind sharing a husband.
And Portia because she's obviously not invading any of your intimate territories. She's totally Switzerland when it comes to that. But she's hot so she'd make the whole group look better overall. And she'd keep everyone from wearing those ankle length stuffy cotton dresses.

But in the end, I gotta say, I'm pretty glad I'm not practicing the principle.


Jon said...

Fascinating inner dialogue.