Thursday, August 28, 2008

I have a vote and I know how to use it!

In watching the democratic national convention tonight, I became very inspired. I have a lot of respect for Barack Obama, and completely support him. But not blindly. I think a lot of people believe he will do absolutely everything he says he will do. But he won't. And that's ok. He will do a lot of it though, and people will still be upset with him for not doing it all. But we all do that... wake up in the morning with grand expectations of ourselves, hoping to conquer the world by the end of the day. What's wrong with Obama doing the same thing? If we all went through our lives saying 'I'm going to eat once today, I'm going to half ass my job and get in a fight with my spouse tonight' what kind of fun would that be, everyone only planning on sliding under the radar everyday. It would do the U.S. and the world good to have someone in office that has goals, expectations and ideas. Ideas that don't involve war, and expectations other than the bare minimum. I believe that what we need is someone who doesn't have the years in office that have worn him down. I believe the person who will bring us change (good change) is a fresh face who hasn't been corrupted. I completely believe that the person who will lift us from debt and welfare, who will foster an environment of fairness and peace, who will tolerate nothing less than equality and who will turn this car around if everyone does NOT stop fighting is Barack Obama. Please vote, whoever you decide to vote for. It is important, and it does count.


Jess said...

I LOVE this post! I also love how you put a little piece of Robyn into everything.