Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Anniversary!

Today is our first anniversary. It's been a really fantastic year. We had our wedding at a beautiful greenhouse just as the sun was setting, followed by a reception with wonderful family and friends and of course, cake from Granite! We spent three nights at the Washington School Inn in Park City. It was such a fun getaway. We ate breakfast at 2:00 pm and strolled Main Street after everyone was gone. It was really a great honeymoon.
In October we went on yet another honeymoon, this time to Kauai, Hawaii. It was so magical. We laid on the beach, fed the cute chickens, played cards by the pool, jumped into waves two stories tall that could have killed us (and almost did), and were just plain lazy. I loved just sitting around with my best friend. It was soo hard to go back to work/school/snow after that.
We spent our first Christmas together, and even had our first Christmas tree. Evan wasn't a big fan of my idea that everything on the tree had to match, but eventually he came around. It was super fun to wake up Christmas morning and open presents together. Evan is too good to me.
The next three months just flew by and in March, we took our first trip to Austin. We really enjoyed the 86 degree heat when it had just snowed at home. We spent our time driving around and eating a lot of Mexican food!
In May, Evan had his 30th birthday (which I thought was a blast). We had a 70s themed party with tons of friends and family. Evan didn't want to turn 30, but I think the party help ease that pain!
June, July and August brought summer bbq's, playing with the nephews and a few birthday parties. Evan always has great ideas, and he made my birthday party very special. He sat through two hours of parade with me and three whining kids, because that's what I wanted to do (besides the whining). He got me a chocolate and strawberry (my favorite!) cake from Granite, and gave me two very wonderful gifts: Plant Earth (which is what we watched on our first date- I know, we're nerds), and a coupon to get Warren tinted! He's so good to me.
In August, we had to move away, but not before we stayed at my Merm's for a week! Evan has always been so sensitive to the fact that moving is hard for me, and he has been so supportive whenever I've had meltdowns over it. We drove for two 13-hour days to get to Austin, and Evan made it totally fun the whole way. He did get a little beligerant in Abilene, but I think he was just giving what he was getting! He's always a good sport when I get spastic like that.
And now, here we are, at the end of a wonderful year. I hate being stuck without friends or family, but I love who I'm stuck with. I couldn't ask to be permanently hooked to anyone better. Evan is patient, loving, funny and oh so handsome. I can't believe it's been a whole year!
I love you, Ev! Here's to 85 more just like this one!


Mountain Creek Photography said...

Robyn! How fun to find you on here and how fun to see how your life has turned out! Hope everything is going great for you!
-Jill (Greenfield) Vanikiotis