Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Phone stealer pens ballsy letter

So there's this stupid self centered girl at the U, and of course I have two classes with her. This is the girl that swiped my phone, btw, and asked for a reward in return. Long story. Ask for details.
So one of the classes I have with this frigid... person is called 'Foundations of Conflict'. It's fairly small, only about forty people in it. It's pretty boring and I have to have caffeine before I can sit through it. But today, the professor said that he got a note in his box from an anonymous person in the class. The note is typed and basically says I think this class is a waste of time and everyone else does too, so step it up a notch or give us our money back. Totally rude. So he says he wants feedback from the rest of us, and goes to hand out this form he printed with questions on it for us to answer anonymously. Everyone in the class started saying 'Uh, I don't need a form, I'll just tell you, this class is just fine the way it is.' One by one, we all start agreeing and discussing what we like and dislike about the class. It was 90% positive, with the only negative things being that it was in the afternoon and we all have a hard time staying alert.
So the whole time the class is having this discussion, this girl, the terrible one, looks totally constipated and annoyed. No one fessed up to writing the note, and she's the only one with nothing to say out loud.
I knew it was her! I so called it.